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Mighty Peace Day Draws Crowds in Grande Prairie

This afternoon, Mike and Jaden had the opportunity to speak to over 3,500 youth at Mighty Peace Day in Grande Prairie, Alberta. The mission of the event is to ’empower youth to make a difference in their local, national, and international communities.’ It certainly did that, with the students passionate and inspired to be change agents in their communities!

With a full slate of musical acts and speakers,  it was a wonderful and inspiring day. Mike and Jaden spoke about inclusion, and what it means for people with developmental disabilities to be full and active participants in society. Mike emphasized that Jaden has unique skills and abilities, and not to underestimate what people with disabilities are capable of. He spoke about making sure, as a society, that we are caring for the most vulnerable, and leaving no one behind. He tied this to the global Sustainable Development Goals, that seek to bring the world together in achieving 17 overarching goals that will advance global development.