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TEDx Talk – Mike and Jaden Lake: “Hard to reach: the power of the impossible mission”

Mike and Jaden did a TEDx Talk!

You don’t see too many two-person TEDx Talks, but this one was so much better for having a very enthusiastic Jaden play a role. Or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that it was Mike playing a role in Jaden’s presentation! Regardless, Jaden was at his charming best, even taking same time to happily check his iPhone a few times during the talk.

Mike considers this to be the most important of the many presentations he’s done with Jaden up to this point. His sincere hope is that it challenges people to dedicate some of their most focused thinking to how we meaningfully connect, at a global level, with those who are truly the hardest to reach.‎ Please help us broaden that global reach by ‘liking’ and sharing!

Special thanks to Jonathan Weiss and Jonathan Lai from York University for this wonderful opportunity, and to Avikali Lomavatu for her incredible illustrations.

To watch the TedX talk, please click on the following links: