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4 weeks ago

Mike Lake

Yesterday afternoon I gave my annual one-minute World Autism Awareness Day statement in the Canadian House of Commons, with my son, Jaden, watching from the gallery. Please share, and add your own story or thoughts in the comments.

Here's the text:

"Mr. Speaker,

April 2nd - World Autism Awareness Day - will mark twenty years since my son Jaden’s diagnosis.

Helen Keller once said, 'Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.'

These words are very powerful for me. For example, two years ago, Jaden and I had a great day, speaking to 15,000 kids at WE Day in Saskatoon.

Our flight home was delayed, and Jaden suddenly got really sad. Tears streamed down his cheeks. We found a quiet place, at an empty gate, and I just held him - my 20-year-old son - for half an hour, until he felt better.

I reflect a lot on what I learn from Jaden.

That, though he struggles to articulate why he feels what he feels, he expresses how he feels very openly and clearly, without words.

That, for Jaden, much more important than the words I speak is the simple fact that I am there.

The life we live is never exactly the life we expected. But the unexpected life – that is where the real learning takes place."
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One day I hope you’ll be Prime Minister!

A life unexpected, what an amazing way to put it. We look forward to your yearly World Autism Awareness Day statement every year. You are Jaden are truly an inspiration to all of us parents on this Autism journey. We celebrate our 11 year old little man Jagger and how far he has come and how much he has taught us;)

My son is 18 mow and he has come so far in his short life. Life unexpected....I love that. We are constantly learning, modifying, puzzling out what to do next. You are such an inspiration, Mike. Thank you.

As most mornings I wake up and check my phone for reminders of appointments, confirm attendance for up coming therapy sessions and check FB “on this day”. Today a video from 2014 was part of it and to most parents it would just be a video of their then 3 yr old son playing at the park, pushing mom on the merry go round and then telling her to get off and push him now, only in my video my son Blake couldn’t say any of that. In fact the most I could get out of him was a grunt for yes. It has been 4 yrs since he was officially diagnosed and life changed from what I thought it would be into something that is very much more vibrant. I would never want to change my son but I would change the world for him. How far he has come! Yes there have been really rough and dark days,months and a year mixed in there but we never gave up and the boy he is today is proof. 100% Non-verbal at 3 and today he is verbal,starting to read out loud, writing pretty good for a kid with severe speech delay/Dyspraxia/ASD and 3 other conditions.

Thanks for sharing Mike

You and Jaden are an inspiration to us all.

That last line is a good one (I may borrow it from time to time). Thanks you for all you do to help bring awareness. Without awareness we will never have acceptance!

Oh my! When both sides of the house rose and applauded and the end, that was beautiful!!Thank you.

It is always good for all of us to see Jaden there as Mr. Speaker said. Very proud to listen to you always Mike, a huge inspiration

You speak from my heart! Thank you for all you do!

Beautifully done Mike!! Best of luck to you and your family!

What an inspiration , thanks for all you are doing with Jaden

Thank you Mike

Inspirational ❤

So very true we have a 21 year old boy , the same, but love our boy to bits . Challenging but a pleasure to have him, xx

Good job Mike.


My little one is 9, severe and non verbal, we are blessed parents with blessed angels, am I right 👊 thank you mike for sharing this

Beautiful son, beautiful papa! Thank you for sharing your beautiful journey with us all!

Thank you Mike! Amazing ❤️

Thank you Jaden for being such a great teacher ❤️

Just being there...so important.

So powerful and articulate. Thanks for your continued advocacy!

You are a great dad Mike. Well said. Jaden is lucky to have you. God bless your family.

Mike, you are so loving, wise, and articulate. Thank you for your advocacy, dedication, and courage! 👏

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After doing nothing to actually solve the Trans Mountain crisis, and as billions of dollars of investment leave Canada, Justin Trudeau reiterates his intention to phase out the Canadian oil sands industry while in Europe.

@MikeLakeMP supporting #Autism on the Hill. Time for a #NationalAutismStrategy. #CASDAsummit2018 @ASDalliance

11:27pm MST and just finished meeting with @AndrewScheer. We’re in #yyc - his day of meetings starts at 6:30am tomorrow and finishes at 1:30am EST. Working hard for you in #yyc to #BuildKM

Before Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister, energy projects were built without taxpayer support. Now he would have us believe that it is the only way for them to go forward. That is a terrible indictment of his own record. 7/7

He has emboldened and empowered protesters and pipeline opponents by claiming that they must grant permission before projects can proceed. /6

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