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3 days ago

Mike Lake

Had such a terrific day yesterday with high school students visiting uOttawa for Forum for Young Canadians / Forum pour jeunes canadiens! Always inspiring to speak to these young leaders from across Canada. ... See MoreSee Less

Had such a terrific day yesterday with high school students visiting uOttawa for Forum for Young Canadians / Forum pour jeunes canadiens! Always inspiring to speak to these young leaders from across Canada.

3 days ago

Mike Lake

Like many Canadians, I've been reflecting over the past few days on the terror attack at the two mosques in New Zealand, and I've found the tenor of the public discussion to be overwhelmingly disheartening. 50 human beings were brutally murdered while they were praying. They were attacked simply because they were Muslim.

50 people, on a regular Friday morning, trying to make the best decisions they could for their own lives and families - just like we all do every day - had their time on earth ended in this massacre. It's brutal, it's horrific and it's evil, pure and simple.

My social media these days is filled with rage and hate. As I read some of the most vitriolic posts, it stokes anger in me as well, and I have to fight myself to find another, healthier emotion. Instead, I choose to be sad - heartbroken that 50 people woke up Friday morning with the rest of their lives in front of them, with family and friends who loved them deeply, and had those lives taken from them suddenly and terrifyingly.

What would it have felt like to be one of those victims or their loved ones?

When I allow myself to reflect on that question, it is gutting. But it also motivates me to do everything I can to ensure that every human being, on every square inch of our planet, has the freedom to explore and practice their own faith without fear of the same horrors being inflicted on them.

Before you respond in the comments about some other atrocity (and there is, unfortunately, no shortage of them), please read that last sentence again. EVERY human being must have the freedom to peacefully explore and practice their faith without fear. If we can all agree on that simple, fundamental principle, and defend it resolutely, the world will be a better, safer place for all of us.
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Thank you Mike for speaking as a human being. So many posts are “us vs them” but people forget the lesson of “and eye for and eye leaves the whole world blind”. There are extremists and radicals in almost every religion - Muslim, Christian, doesn’t matter. End the hate. Be better than that and model the core beliefs of your religion or philosophy whatever that is. Be a better human being.

Well said.

Islam belongs in the middle east.

Amen! I completely agree!


This is so sad, but nothing was said about the Christians in the Philippines or Christians in the Middle East slaughtered by Muslims.

and what about the Christians slaughtered in three villages

Well said.....Thank You 💕


Jason Wells the definition of phobia is ‘AN IRRATIONAL fear’. There is nothing irrational about fearing radical Islam ideology - it’s both religious AND political. Educate yourself.

Thank you for these wise words.

I have notice there is a religious war between muslims and Catholics . I read another article the a bombing in the Philippines on Catholics. But you are right. People should not me murdered based on their religion https://www.ctvnews.ca/world/20-dead-111-hurt-in-january-bombing-at-catholic-cathedral-in-philippines-1.4270952

But it also motivates me to do everything I can to ensure that every human being, on every square inch of our planet, has the freedom to explore and practice their own faith without fear of the same horrors being inflicted on them. So why should Christians and other faiths not have that right

Religion is the main cause of every war. I personally am not an atheist. I believe in God and am a Christian. I do not go to church regularly or to say much at all. All people around the world should have the right to their religions and beliefs without prosecution. All people should be kind and forgiving. No person should have to live in fear of being shot. It's the extremists on both sides that cause the trouble. I will continue to pray to my God because my faith in him is strong and I don't need a specific religion to do so. The people of this world need to change to make it a better place.

Well said Mike!

Thanks for sharing Mike.

Mike Lake I believe people are angry because there have been thousands of Christians slaughtered by Islamists in the last few years, one such incident in Nigeria not very long ago, yet there was NO press coverage. But because in a rare instance Muslims are killed it’s international news. That’s the problem. I do grieve ALL these killings, but it is truly lopsided.

Well said Mike.

Well said, Mike. Innocent people at their place of worship ... Little children... Parents... Grandparents. These are families who were torn apart by blind, ignorant hate

Sad !!! The Christians Slaughtered in Cairo as well 😭😭

Part of living in peace is allowing people the right to defend themselves and their loved ones without being bankrupted through the courts. Not one of those people in the mosque had any means to defend themselves.

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Marathon voting session in House of Commons ends after 31 hours. Voted 203 times - every single one! Liberals will do almost anything to silence two of their own MPs who say they have an important story to tell. They deserve to be heard. RT if you agree! #LetHerSpeak #cdnpoli

Justin Trudeau’s #CoverUpBudget borrows billions and billions of dollars to cover up his SNC-Lavalin corruption.

Not only will his reckless coverup spending lead to tax hikes if he’s re-elected, it’s now affecting Canada’s credit rating.

BNN Bloomberg on Twitter

“Fitch warns Canada’s debt close to level incompatible with 'AAA' status https://t.co/VSM6tqexme”


So trending in Ottawa right now: #allday, 'Jane Philpott', & #conservativesvoteagainst. 2 were generated by the Liberal marketing machine & 1 is a Liberal MP whose message Trudeau's PMO wants desperately to drown out. Good luck w/ that. Btw #conservativesvoteagainst corruption.

Past 6 p.m. in Ottawa. Just passed 24-hour mark in the voting marathon. Haven't yet missed a vote. Or won one. And yet, what a great day for our democracy, using the limited tools we have to hold this Liberal majority government to account. So proud of our @CPC_HQ team tonight.🙂

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