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Mike's Role as Your Member of Parliament

Mike is proud to serve as your Federal representative, and takes great pride in the work that he does on behalf of the constituents of Edmonton-Wetaskiwin. This section of the web-site has been divided into two sections to allow you easier access to the information you need.  The sections are as follows:

Autism - a resource page composed of links and excerpts on a topic that is close to Mike's heart.

What is the role of an MP in general?

  • In the House of Commons Chamber, MPs debate contemporary issues that can affect all Canadians. Their offices on Parliament Hill and in their constituencies are magnets for people's requests, concerns, problems and ideas. In his or her own way, each MP forms a bridge between the regions of Canada and the federal seat of government in Ottawa.
  • In their work, MPs deal with an amazing array of issues, and meet people from across their constituency and around the world. Causes are championed, people are helped, and national policies are developed and implemented. At the end of the day, only the MPs themselves can say whether they were satisfied with their contribution and whether they felt they made a difference. And once every four or five years, Canadian voters put them to the test as well.
  • MPs are not required to be in the House of Commons Chamber every sitting day. Each MP spends about 15 hours a week in the Chamber, and each party whip decides when it is imperative that an MP be present. If not in the House of Commons itself, an MP can be busy with meetings or constituency work.
  • All Senators and MPs belonging to the same political party go to weekly caucus meetings to discuss party policies and strategy.

    Each MP:

    • often sits on one or more committees
    • meets constituents regularly
    • hears presentations by interest groups
    • receives invitations to both political party and public functions
    • grants media interviews
    • reads and responds to correspondence from constituents
    • talks to students and other groups
    • travels to his or her constituency almost every weekend and during weeks when the House of Commons is not sitting
    • has personal or family commitments
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