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Concern rises over Canadian nationals in Lebanon Monday, 17 July 2006

Canadian Citizens in queue outside Embassy in Beirut

As the situation in Lebanon escalates, the Canadian Government is increasingly concerned about the safety of its citizens in Lebanon.   The news of the seven Canadian causalities has brought this state of affairs to the forefront of the hearts and minds of Canadians who are watching as the situation unfolds.   Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay spoke on the issue today and reaffirmed that, “we are doing our best to facilitate a deployment for Canadians who wish to leave Lebanon.”   To date the actions taken on part of the government include:

  • Securing commercial vessels and pre-positioning them off the coast of Lebanon, and arranging for safe passage of the vessels;
  • Working with the Department of National Defense to deploy a Planning Assistance team to the region, as well as adding consular staff to the Canadian Embassy to assist in our efforts in the region;
  • Working around the clock to maintain regular contact with Canadians registered in Lebanon;
  • Actively collaborating with other countries in similar situations, to discuss and coordinate efforts.
For further information on the situation in Lebanon, and in particular for actions Canadians in Lebanon should take, please click here to be directed to information from the Department of Foreign Affairs. 

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