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39th Parliament Resumes Monday, 18 September 2006 Getting Things Done for Families and Taxpayers
The House of Commons resumes sitting today and Canada’s New Government will continue to get things done for families and taxpayers.  The Government’s fall agenda will deliver results for Canadians based on four pillars:
1. Accountability and Democratic Reform – by implementing the FAA and moving forward with Senate reform;
2. Economic Management and Value for Money – with measures to ensure a strong economy for the long haul including value for money expenditure review;
3. Environment and Personal Health – by rolling out a series of practical measures to clean up the environment, including Canada’s first Clean Air Act; and
4. Crime and National Security – by continuing to tackle crime with tougher laws, more police and enhanced border security.”
The Liberals are going into the fall Sitting of Parliament divided on foreign policy, obstructionist on ethics, opposed to the softwood lumber deal and negative on everything else.
While the Liberals fight amongst themselves and throw up barriers to more accountable government, Canada’s New Government will use the fall Sitting of Parliament to continue getting things done for families and taxpayers.  

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Mike Lake - Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin