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Mike on duty with Mill Woods Community Patrol Tuesday, 17 October 2006 On September 30, 2006, Mike spent an evening patrolling the streets of Mill Woods with the Mill Woods Community Patrol.  He worked with a team from 11:30 pm to 3:30 am, learning about this non-profit volunteer organization.

The purpose of this organization is to, “proactively engage citizens in crime prevention for a safe and healthy community.”  The opportunity to participate in an evening with this group lent itself well to Mike’s efforts to strengthen and build a greater sense of community in Edmonton – Mill Woods – Beaumont.  As Mike has stated in the House of Commons, “as Canadians, we can take a more proactive role in crime prevention simply by…getting to know our neighbours.” 

Strong, safe and healthy communities require the active participation of the individuals of which they are composed.  This community patrol project is an exemplary initiative, as it draws together residents of Mill Woods under the common goal of making this community a safer place to call home. 

For more information about volunteering for this organization please visit their website at:

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