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Getting Things Done on Crime, Accountability and International Trade Saturday, 16 December 2006

Canada’s New Government used the fall sitting of Parliament to deliver new laws that restore accountability to government, crack down on crime and end decades of trade disputes over softwood lumber.

Four key pieces of legislation are in the process of receiving Royal Assent and will soon become the law of the land including:

- Legislation to enact the new Canada-US Softwood Lumber Agreement (Bill C-24).  The new agreement provides at least seven to nine years of stability, returns over $5 billion to Canadian producers, and ends the need for costly litigation.  The Liberals had 13 years in office, and never came close to solving the softwood lumber dispute with the United States. Canada’s New Government arrived at an agreement within months of taking charge.

- Amendments to The Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act (Bill C-25) that significantly strengthen Canada’s ability to get stop money laundering whether it’s for terrorist or other illegal activities in Canada;

- New laws to make our streets safer by cracking down on often deadly street racing (Bill C-19); and

- Amendments to The Judges Act (Bill C-17) and other acts in relation to the courts.

In addition, six other pieces of legislation were passed and given Royal Assent last week including Bill C-2: The Federal Accountability Act (FAA) – the toughest anti-corruption law in Canadian history.

Conservatives promised to get things done for all Canadians and Canada’s New Government continues to deliver.

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Mike Lake - Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin