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ecoENERGY - Using Less, Living Better Monday, 05 February 2007 The Federal Conservative Government is committed to investing in clean energy.  Demonstrating this commitment, the government announced the ecoENERGY Initiatives this January.  Designed to complement Canada’s Clean Air Act and Regulatory Agenda these initiatives have three objectives using energy more efficiently, boosting clean energy supplies, and reducing air pollution from conventional energy sources.  Targeted, focused actions include:

ecoENERGY Technology Initiative
This investment of $230 million over 4 years is committed to fund research, development and demonstration of clean energy technologies. 

ecoENERGY Renewable Initiative
This is an incentive for eligible new projects from clean energy sources such as wind, tidal and small hydro.  It will also provide incentives to increase the use of solar air and water heating, and geo-exchange technologies, such as heat pumps.

ecoENERGY Efficiency Initiative
Almost $300 million has been dedicated to promote smarter energy use across all sectors of society.  Included in this initiative is the ecoENERGY Retrofit Program which supports energy efficient upgrades in homes and businesses.

To learn more about the ecoENERGY Initiatives click here.

To learn more about the ecoENERGY Retrofit click here.

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