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Mike's Statement on Tax Freedom Day Tuesday, 26 June 2007
Mr. Mike Lake (Edmonton—Mill Woods—Beaumont, CPC):

Mr. Speaker, today is Tax Freedom Day, the day when the average Canadian family has earned enough money to pay all of the taxes levied on it by the three levels of government.

This year, Tax Freedom Day is arriving four days earlier than in 2005 and 2006 thanks to our government delivering on our promise to reduce the GST by 1%.
While the Liberals made promises they did not deliver on, we took action to reduce the tax burden for hard-working Canadians.

In addition to lowering the GST, we introduced a host of other measures to reduce taxes for students, seniors, low income Canadians and families.

Worth particular mention is the introduction of pension income splitting for seniors and the new $2,000 child tax credit that will provide up to $310 per child in tax relief to three million Canadian families. 

The bottom line is this: since taking office we have paid down the debt by $22.4 billion and at the same time provided $37.8 billion in tax relief for families and individuals. 

When it comes to tax relief, Canadians finally have a leader and a government that knows how to get the job done.

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Mike Lake - Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin