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Summer Update Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Dear Constituents,

The summer recess is an extremely important time for all MPs.  It is a time for us to catch up with our families, meet with as many constituents as we can, and then use what we hear to plan for the future session and beyond.  It is also a time to reflect on our past accomplishments.

After a year and a half in office, your Conservative Government has a record you can be proud of—a solid record of getting things done that matter to families and taxpayers; a record of building a stronger, safer and better Canada.  Since Canadians elected a new Conservative government on January 23, 2006, we have:

· Implemented an unprecedented Accountability Agenda including the Federal Accountability Act;

· Delivered nearly $40 billion in Tax Relief, including a cut to the GST;

· Delivered direct support to parents, including the Universal Child Care Benefit;

· Tackled Crime by pushing tough new laws on gun, gang and drug crime;

· Signed Patient Wait Times Guarantees with all provinces and territories;

· Resolved the Fiscal Imbalance by providing record support to the provinces;

· Addressed Climate Change through tough, new and unprecedented regulations; and,

· Stood up for Canada’s Sovereignty, Values and Interests on the world stage.

The Conservative government achievements are the result of strong leadership that knows where it stands, focuses on priorities and gets things done for the benefit of families and taxpayers.  Today our economy is strong, our country is united and Canada is once again a leader on the world stage.  Families and taxpayers have the continuity and stability they need to plan for the future with confidence.

But there’s more to do.

In the coming weeks and months, the government will continue to deliver by:

· Strengthening Canada’s Economy by keeping taxes low, maintaining focused spending, and implementing the Advantage Canada Economic Plan.

· Defending Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty through robust diplomacy accompanied by an enhanced military presence and increased scientific and economic development investments in Canada’s North.

· Strengthening Accountability through Democratic Reform by pushing to modernize Canada’s political institutions to ensure that they are more democratic and accountable to voters.

· Improving Canada’s Environment, addressing years of weak regulation and weak enforcement by introducing new conservation and enforcement measures.

· Protecting Canada’s Citizens, Borders and Communities by continuing to secure our borders and tackle domestic gun, gang and drug crime through tough new laws and youth crime prevention measures.

Together, these initiatives will build a stronger, safer and better Canada; a Canada that works for all Canadian families and taxpayers.

Mike Lake, MP
Edmonton - Mill Woods - Beaumont

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Mike Lake - Member of Parliament for Edmonton-Wetaskiwin