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ecoAUTO Rebate Program Application Form Now Available Monday, 01 October 2007 Today, Minister Cannon announced that Canadians who bought eligible vehicles - starting on March 20, 2007 - can now apply for rebates under the ecoAUTO Rebate Program.

Canada’s New Government’s ecoAUTO Rebate program is about encouraging Canadians to make environmentally friendly transportation choices.  As originally planned, cheques will be issued this fall for eligible vehicles. By announcing the program in March of this year, Canadians could immediately start buying eligible vehicles. 

The ecoAUTO Rebate Program will enable Canadian drivers to save money on the purchase of eco friendly transportation while lowering their fuel bills.  Through this initiative, Canada’s New Government will be offering rebates from $1,000 to $2,000 towards the purchase of these environmentally friendly vehicles.

Manufacturers offer a number of vehicles that qualify for the federal consumer cash incentive. The list of eligible 2008 vehicles will be posted on the Transport Canada website in the coming weeks. 


Budget 2007 clearly states that while the rebate for fuel efficient vehicles went into effect March 20, 2007, the payment of rebates will be made once administration and delivery systems have been put in place with a target date of fall 2007.

Model year 2006 and 2007 vehicles qualifying for the rebate include some hybrid electric vehicles and highly energy-efficient vehicles. The list of eligible vehicles is currently listed on the Transport Canada website.

The ecoAUTO program should be viewed within the context of other measures under our Government’s environmental agenda.  It supports the Government’s ecoTransport Strategy which is aimed at:

1) Improving the health of Canadians and the environment by reducing the environmental impacts of transportation;
2) Securing Canada’s future prosperity and competitiveness by making critical transportation infrastructure sustainable, both economically and environmentally; and
3) Promoting an efficient transportation system that supports choice and the high quality of life that Canadians expect. 

How to get a rebate

To receive an ecoAUTO rebate, Canadians simply need to fill out the easy to complete application and mail it to the address on the form.

Obtain a copy of the form here or at, at vehicle dealers, by calling the ecoAUTO toll free number at 1-866-506-6804, or by visiting any Service Canada Centre to download and print the form.

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