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Mike raises awareness about the issues people with disabilities face Thursday, 22 November 2007

Today, Mike asked the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development the following question:

"Mr. Speaker, today on Parliament Hill hundreds of people with disabilities and their families have gathered to raise awareness of the issues faced by Canadians who live with a disability. I know the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development spoke to the group this morning, reiterating his commitment to addressing disability issues.

Can the minister tell the House what he is doing to ensure an accessible and inclusive Canada?"

Hon. Monte Solberg (Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, CPC): 

"Mr. Speaker, this government has improved the Canada pension plan and veterans' disability plans.

Thanks to the leadership of the finance minister, we have also brought in a registered disability savings plan. We have moved forward with an enabling accessibility fund and today I announced an extension of the labour market agreement for persons with disabilities in the amount of $223 million.

We will soon bring forward a Canadians with disabilities act, all directed toward knocking down barriers, so that disabled Canadians can fully participate in the mainstream of Canadian life."

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