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Constituent Roundtables Monday, 02 March 2009

Mike has been holding regular constituent roundtable meetings in our community.  Generally attended by ten to fifteen constituents, each meeting is designed to facilitate discussion about issues specifically raised by those at the table.

In contrast to a typical town hall meeting, the roundtable, with its smaller group format, allows for greater interaction among the participants.  Mike has found these roundtables to be the most effective way for the greatest number of constituents to express their opinions, hear the views of their neighbours, and learn more about what the federal government is doing for Canadians.

Mike has found these meetings to be invaluable, helping to inform him about the issues most important to the people he represents.  At the same time, he has been encouraged by the level of public debate between the individuals who come to the meetings, often from different backgrounds and with different points of view.  

If you are a constituent, and are interested in attending a roundtable, please contact the Constituency Office at 780-495-2149.

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